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Avengers: Avatar should not pass the ultimatum box office; analysts say – 06/29/2019


At the end of the week, with the new version of theaters, Avengers: Alitimatam avatar will not be able to displace as the highest grossing film in film history.

According to experts heard by Deadline, Marvel Project will be surprised if Jomes arrives at $ 2,788 billion mark with just one release in the movie Cameron – for this, Altimoto has already made $ 2.753 billion.

Analysts say that if Ultimate is coming to $ 10 or $ 15 million next week, they still have to face around $ 25 million, according to which, if a newer version can only be received, a large screen release hit.

One important factor that needs to be considered is that Avatar achieves impressive performance outside North America and China market. An example in France, where he raised $ 175, 6 million, which is almost three times more than the Ultimate.

Still, for Marvel's luck, Spider-Man: Away off home hits the theaters on July 4 to promote superheroes, which will again increase interest in Ultimate.

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