Friday , September 24 2021

Balzaroro two days of conferences return to Brasília – Politics

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(Photo: Fbio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Agncia Brasil)

Presidential candidate Jair boszarro met two days in Brussels. He intends to switch to Banco Do Brazilian Cultural Center (CCBB). Tomato meets tomorrow and tomorrow (14).

In the morning, the president is expected to meet with the elected Federal Dept. Tereza Cristina (DEM-MS), Agriculture Minister Mamata Banerjee confirmed. For example, if the Ministry is involved in family farming and fishing, the conference that defines the pulp profile still exists.

Since the afternoon, Balson has three audiences. At 1 o'clock, stay with Rosa Weber, President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). At 2.30, the Superior Labor Labor Court (TST) president, Java Batista Britto Pereira receives. In the evening, at 4 pm the president of the Superior Military Military Court held a meeting with Jose Colio Ferrera.

On Wednesday (14), the president was elected and wanted to join the National Congress. He also said that Chamber president Rodigo Maya (DMX-RJ) and colleagues at the National Congress had "a coffee".

He said yesterday (12) that the name of the doctor and federal deputy Louis Henric Mandate (DEM-MS) is the health minister. Both spoke in Rio de Janeiro, the definition can be declared this week.

This week, Defense and Foreign Affairs and Environment are expected to be named by future ministers.


Bolzarone agreed that there are difficulties in accepting changes in social security this year. Analysis of the financial department of the president's elected president, Paulo Guidz. Speaking to reporters at Rio de Janeiro, he said that the authorized pension revision is not appropriate for discussions to date.

Onslore Lawrencezoni confirmed that the pension reform will take place by 2019, according to the unusual Minister of Conversion in Brazil.


Bolzano's presence is waiting tomorrow at the governor's meeting in Brazil. Among the 27 elected members, 18 are deputy governors. Governor of the federation district, governor of the province of Ibbanes Rocha (Governor's Electrical) elected Sol Polo, Jura Doria (PSB), Rio de Janeiro, PSC

According to organizers, the idea is "the meeting's approach". The President is waiting for the confirmation of the future president. Polsco will be accompanied by the future ministers of the economy, Polo Guares, civil house and Onx Lorenzone. This word will be opened with future governor.

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