Wednesday , May 18 2022

Between comfort and storms, Bobfogo continues for three consecutive chops


Two consecutive winners of both Coronetics and Fleemongo have made peace with Badaofgogo, and at present, mathematician Tristosa Garcia says only 7% of the expulsion will be available now. But the fan may not be mistaken: Today, on 17th, Alvogro fights directly against Chapponsen.

If a successful win confirmed in Botabogo in the series A in 2019, a defeat will be able to align the Z-4 ​​dangerous team. In the last four places, Santos has beaten Santos. That is, when Sir Franco's team fails a single point, it is possible to complete a point.

Balance, it's none. Even in the history of equality, there is no equality. There were seven games, four chases of the championship and three botapogo victories.

To avoid headache, Botafogo should bring to the third win, something that is not heard in the season. The success of a conquest was rare. In the Brazilian championship, Alvrog scored six points in both rounds.

"We have been happy to defeat a team of controversial titles, but now we have rivals, which is ultimate – said right-wing Marcinho in Chapko yesterday.

Dude Sensor, Moose Headlines

This year, only six games were played last June. But all indicate that Dudu Cearense is owned by Botafogo against Chapecoense. Rodriguez Lindowso was suspended and was in a mid-35-year old midfielder. He trained the weekly starter.

Jean will play as a driver of the first team, can continue with a constant pain and travel to Chapko. Gautho Bochka will be the alternative, but the young boy has to start the match in the bench.

Even with a little bit of use, he was one of the Dudu's senators. In January, the contract was renewed till the end of this year. One of the six games in Brazil was a Campeonato or a Brazilian football football tournament.

Another issue of Zero Ricardo is on the left. Gilson faced a calf from a game. A month later, Moses will replace him in the main team.

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