Monday , May 29 2023

Bitar certifies that it is the owner of Attabi's site


247 – Former President Luiz Inacio or Lula da Silva's orange, he received a statement from a witness named Gabriela Hart on Monday. Ferbando Bitar, owner of the company Atabia. As Bittar says, Salim is his property. He was borrowed after the death of Lula and his wife, Leticia. He said the service will be preserved and will serve the former president.

Bitar explained that Atiba's site is divided into two registrations. This was one of the names of Lula's son's son Paul Sushana Filho. Jonas had purchased other parts of the helper's goal. Because the former owner is selling two things together.

Bittar pointed out that his family and Lula's family had been friends for the past 40 years. Lula and Donna Marissa used their father and even former Metallica Jack Bitar to live in Brazil after finding Parkinson's disease. Following this, his father asked him to buy his property and then decided to lend him money.

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