Monday , August 2 2021

Broker in new scene

Experts and officials have no doubt: Brazilian insurance sector will look completely different from the current five years. Players should change, products will be different, commercialization will become more dynamic and the work of insurance companies will become more accurate and fast.

Among the fundamental assumptions for success, every time in business, there is rebuilding of operations, benefits in scale, cutting costs and more efficiency.

Anyone who does not believe in this, runs a serious risk of going out quickly. The speed of change grows day by day and passes five years faster.

Between dry and wet, if the next government allows the country to run smoothly without obstruction, Brazil can grow more than 3% in 2019. It is a revolutionary change in economists' prediction, but it is based on serious studies done by people and who knows how to analyze trends, wind and tide.

If there is good news for insurance businesses, then this growth is above the forecast given a few months ago. The rising Brazil Manna is falling from the sky. Insurance is a supportive activity, so industries can not grow without the growth of the whole economy. The Brazilian insurance industry is expected to double in a relatively small amount of time. For this, we do not have new audiences or very different products today.

The entrance to this field is still very low. Only 30% of companies recruit some type of insurance, with more than 18 million unprotected assets, 25% of the fleet of vehicles insured, the simple increase in demand for this insurance is enough to produce faster growth. And constantly, able to change the level of activity.

As Brazil grows rapidly and quickly, this demand will be imposed as a result of more awareness about the need for wealth security as the best tool to maintain pace with natural and professional growth.

Who protects it. The maximum is true and it has everything to accelerate the growth of the insurance industry, to find new solutions to insure the society with better spending / benefits in insurance companies' investment.

If we think that, in addition to the above insurance, there is a big difference between people's insurance, private health insurance and supplementary pension plans, considering the size of the country, population, that picture is better.

If we take into account that the need for huge infrastructure is that it is not possible to guarantee insurance without insurance and their recovery, then we will see that a double-sized field is simply not possible as a logical result of the national development process.

The movement of insurance companies can be experienced in a new design, not only in the ranking of companies, but mainly by changing the business perspectives of everyone. On the other hand, insurance brokers are more waiting, as they need to understand the movement of insurance companies to market position.

It's a risky situation. The nature of the activity by small brokers, the so called stock brokers, which only do some insurance per month, have at least been threatened. Due to their very low cost and their personal relationships, they will continue to have the scope. This issue is more vulnerable to big brokers, including big brokers, who have heavy and more expensive structures.

By investing in brokered action and by the desire of the insurers to invest in innovation or direct investing, new forms of marketing are emerging and occupying their space. This trend is determined to increase and traditional forms of insurance marketing will become more challenging by new, affordable and more intense business models. Waiting for the tram to pass will be eaten by any new. The people who prepare and leave for the next are all going well.

* Antonio Pantido is the General Secretary of Mendoño, a member of Harrierer and Tea Adivasias and Academy Pedialista de Letras.

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