Saturday , January 16 2021

Businessman Palbo Perez presents Santos proposal for Boca Junior's midfielder

Santos formally proposed a proposal to calculate Boca Juniors' pilot Pablo Perez. There was information Tribune online 33-year-old athlete, by the businessman of Laylo Bilichich.

Bomberna team captains Representative Sony Afternoon (7) will present the values ​​given by the fish together with Zeniz's team leaders.

"Santos formally proposed the proposal this morning." I'm heading to Buenos Aires to talk with the directors of Bon Juaniro, "The agent refused to give details of the values.

"If Boca Junior accepts what we offer, we'll be sitting with Pablo to deal with pay and contract time," he added.

Pablo Perez is in Boca Junior since 2015, when he hired in Malaga, Spain. Despite the team's main names and fans' image, the player will be excited by the strong harassment given after the runners in Copia Libertadores 2018.

This season is 2018/2019 (Argentine calendar is similar to a European), it stars in 39 matches, with 35 titles. In all, the driver made eight goals.

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