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Carrie comments on Romero's situation and explains the changes on the sides of the Corinthians

Romero participates and continues to train

Romero follows the coaching part and deals with the Corinthians when dealing with a contractual situation

Daniel Augusto Jr. / AG Corinthians

During a press conference after the game with solo Kato, last Sunday, the coach Fabio Carril, valid for the first round of the Paulistown Championship, commented on the departure of the team's Romero and how the side of the non-player attack was working.

Regarding Paraguayan's condition, Carlisle said that if the athlete misses the team, he will not be able to understand the identity of the fans. Coach further said that only this issue will be resolved.

"I do not know yet, it is very little work. I know Romero's qualities, I know the fortunes of supporters. We have to wait, the board is being reconciled. André may be the player, Gustavo (Silva) can be. Pedrinha, no. If Romero does not live in the club, then we have to bring the players together with that profile. And it's with time, "the coach said.

When asked about possible changes by the sides of the field, the team started the game with Sornoza and Andrey Lewis and after finishing with Pedrininho and Gustavo Silva, the coach explains that he invented the match for a strong match, because the team was behind the scoreboard.

"Opening opener with Andrey is more open-ended, it's not a dry runner, but it's a runner." The idea of ​​admitting with Pedrinho should be a combination of more, passing the game, not speed, faster than Sornoza, so changes on sides " Carey says.

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Corinions, who did not rule out the new reinforcement, are in the solution for Romero. Paraguay has not yet regretted the contract with Timmins and could end up taking part in the exchange with Atan MG Luan.

The Nikono himself confirmed the interests of the Corinthians on Sunday and said that he was shocked by the opportunity, but he allows mine club managers and directors to solve the case.

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