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Corinions continue to stay until 2018, and director Carol admits: "He did a great job"

Corolla's Soccer Director Dulio Monteiro Alves said on Sunday night that coach Jere Ventura will lead the club in the final round of the Brazilian championship in Porto Alegre on December 2 in front of Gramio. According to Gadgetta Esportee, the club already has advanced negotiations to participate in the upcoming season with Fabio Carilo, but he says only changes can take place after the end of the tournament.

"Everything is as simple as he ordered a team against Gramio. It was a week of speculation, we understand, because the Corinthians do not make a good championship. He has not played a big game today, but Jere continues, he is against Grammy Have signed and played plays, "Coach said that he understood fans' crying to return to Carlyle's El Wahda.

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Fabio won three great titles in Corinthians We understand that whenever a team is in a bad shape, it is a coach who is always asked, such as Tait. We understand that it is a part, "Duulio said, stressing the issue with the theme

"It continues, we have an important game against Grammy. If there is a change, we will see later. There is nothing planned for now," continued the director. Directly attached to this topic, Jere Ventura escaped the most aggressive questions, but made it clear that there is no way to secure its place in 2019.

"The things we are talking about behind the scenes are what the Corinthians have shown. We continue to work, we know that the situation is not dependent on me, but in the direction," the commander said, showing some discomfort with the current situation .

Jair said, "It's no use, I do not define permanency and I will leave those responsible people to analyze my work." Having achieved 33% success in the 33 matches since joining the club after losing four matches, six draws and eight in 18 matches.

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