Saturday , January 16 2021

Due to family proximity, Ablele chose flamenco in relation to Santos

Brazilian finish, Flamengo will breathe in the club's election next Saturday, before deciding who can lead the team next season. Abel Bruga is the first option of the protest and in case of the renewal of the Dorival junior, it is also considered by the current board of directors. Coaches still prefer Flamen to Santos, which other clubs came with an offer to them and expected a brief response.

Right now, Abel understands that it is best to work in Rio, where he lives with his family. Since leaving Fluminense in the middle of the year, the coach is devoted to his wife, mainly because of the shock of the loss of the child in the last year. City change is not ideal this way.

While flirting with Flamango Renato Gaucho, Abel retired and waited for the closest definitions of Rubbo-Negresi's elections. In this view, other interested parties appeared. This invitation came, especially Santos, who was interested in answering Abeel Braga before being Flamengo's new president.

If contradicts the technological tendency and accepts the offer, the favorite plate in Flaming, Ricardo Lomba considers the maintenance of both the Duvalini Junior by purple by Pink and Rodolfo Landim. Although both speak to Abel, but the coach gives some resistance to the crowd.

Doreville Junior said on Monday that he has not yet asked for it. Prior to the match with Atletico-P., she had gained more points with the situation by taking former coach Morrisio Barbari to share the flow of prayer in the locker room. These gestures were viewed as a group and gave credit to the cast.

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