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"Entrenles": Thinosus's "good brother" can be featured on Mavel's new movie – 17/11/2018


The new newspaper, "Entortalus" about movies, may be one of the character of Aroos, the younger brother of Thanos. Although both share the same blood, they are not commonplace, and is considered the "good" son of the Stanford Mentor.

The Hashtag Show, Druk, Piper, Elizas, Gilgamesh, Ikar, Sarsi, Makari, Eat and Suras.

Harro Eros Thanos, also known as Storax Picture: Reproduction

In an interview with "Banick Bass", President of Mavel Studios Kevin Fiegie explained, "Very few people know about hero groups, but it's essential for the Maewal Movie University.

His response was because he did not know the entrances. Because many people did not know it without knowing the gallery's guardian, do not believe, many were unaware of the existence of aviers or iron man, "said Fuge.

Ethers are the race of superheroes created by the Celestial Aliens. The mission is to defend the Earth.

By Mathew K. Clovo Shao is the script writer of Feroo and Ranbir Kapoor. The shooting is expected to begin in 2019. But the official release date is not yet received.

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