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Fabio Porcht has the desire to build only Sao Paulo-Rio flight, but it ended in Maceio

"Now I tell you a funny story that happened to me and it happened"


Posted on 22 Nov 2018, 15h50 – 22nd November 2018, 15h46

"I am telling you an entertaining story that has never happened to me and it has happened," he said. Fébény Porcht In the category of Instagram stories and shared videos on Twitter this morning (22) Actor and presenter São Paulo left after recording Porchat program Return to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives with his family: "Every Wednesday I am finished." Porchat program And I'm going to go to the airport to go to Rio de Janeiro to go home, "he said to the disciples. Porchat, however, stopped at Mesio – In the northeast of the country.

"I arrived at Guurulhos, my Avianca flight 10.10." After the presenter, Rio went to the bathroom to go to the border in the city and proceeded to the gate 211. "My flight was already boarding, I saw and I saw Avianca, a beauty plane," the actor remembered. After sitting in armchair 5aPortrait was contacted by an airline employee: "The woman's employee came and asked, 'Sir, there was a copy, can I check your ticket?' I said & # 39; confirm & # 39; I showed my ticket, he saw and said, 'that's right, 5a, you can still sit there.'

Porch decided to take a plane trip to read later: "I read, read, I noticed that I have read 50, 60 pages. I said, & # 39; Wow, I read well, I read fast "Wonderful! A woman has passed, one half-soul, one of Guran's service …", Comedian said – after taking the soda, he had to wait for the final destination.

"I woke up, I continued to read and I thought, 'Boy, this flight is too long.' When I saw it on the clock it was already 12:15, and the Rio-São Paulo flight is usually I have a comment with a girl on my side: & # 39; My God, this flight is not too long for Rio de Janeiro? & # 39; and he said, & quot; but these flight mates are going up & # 39; 39; that's where I am now, in Messi! ", In a video, Comedian said Twitter has more than 5,00,000 views to watch. View:

"Now I'm in Macieon, I look forward to catching a flight to São Paulo, because there is no flight to Rio, and I'll come to Rio de Janeiro at 7:30!" Comedian said. After the airline's error, Porchat was able to enter the city of Rio de Janeiro this morning (22) – he had stopped at the Virakopos airport. An unusual story has received many comments on Twitter. Check out the reaction:

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