Wednesday , August 4 2021

Find out where Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel have their new home – Mary Claire

Meghan Merkel and Harry (photo: Getty Images)

Prince Harry and the Meagan Markel will go. The couple will leave Nottingham Cottage, which is part of Kensington Palace, which is a new home in Windsor, early next year, before the birth of their first child.

According to People magazine, Duke and Sussex of Sussex will be the new residents of Fragmore Cottage, which has 10 rooms. According to The Sun newspaper, the place is close to home where the couple's wedding party was organized and where they took their engagement photos. Apart from this, as a Meghan practice in a new residence, there will be a daycare, a gym and a yoga studio.

However, according to the paper, the Nottingham Cottage of Kensington Palace had never been a long-term residence for Harry and Meghan, although they lived there after the engagement. The main reason for the arrival of the first child is to move to another place.

"Duke and Dess of Sussex will go to Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle in the beginning of next year because they are ready for the arrival of their first child. Windsor is a very special place for his royal ascendant and he is grateful that his official residence will be on property. Duchy's official office will continue in Kensington Palace, "people said in the palace's statement.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's house are in Kensington Palace in 1 apartment in London, which has 20 rooms. It was suggested that Harry and Meghan can stay in a neighborhood apartment, but one of the Queen's cousins ​​lives there, who has made everything inappropriate.

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