Friday , June 18 2021

GI 4 presents a goal as a result of the efficiency of the SP

Jardine introduces the G4 to one lakh and prevents the efficiency of the SPI

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André Jardine made a spectacular goal for São Paulo on Sunday after scoring a batting by a 1-0 victory over Quarterstore. G4 Brazilian Championship was completed. The interim coach team is set in the first four places of the competition. The tournament will be placed directly in the group stage of the event.

"We keep that goal internally, and all the power will fight with us to conquer this fourth position with Graeme." We understand that Palmira, Flemengo and Inter are three times the first. Jardine said during a press conference at Mormby Stadium.

Before Jardine, the Standing Wheel Jucilei has already said that the G5 is closing in on Brazilian goal. São Paulo is in fifth place with 62 points. It is like the Sky Grimeo, but the team wins from São Paulo is favorable (17 to 16).

Jardine's team has three contenders against Vasco, Sports and Chaponscans in order to overtake Grimo in the tournament. He is expected to have difficulties in dealing with the other contracts when he is far ahead of rivals in the fight against the Brazilians. The main opponent of G4O Sao Paulo will be in the Greater Flamengo, Vittoria and Corrientes.

"We're going to honor all the games," he said. "Our comparison with Table and Graeme is that it's hard to know who the opponent is due to." Both teams have a lot of value in all the matches now, "he added.

Jorine used to talk to Coach for a permanent situation in 2019. After the departure of Uruguay Diogo Agricore, he was temporarily taken over by the team.

"I do not want to create expectations, it's not for management or management for me, they watch my job, look at the market and know how to do the best for the team," he said.

São Paulo, in Venezuela in Sao Tanuri, will return next Thursday (22).

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