Tuesday , January 26 2021

GoAo de Dios is accused of rape by rape

On Thursday (20), the civilian police accused a psychiatrist Joao Dee for raping a woman demanding spiritual care at the Casa Dome Inaccio De Loyola in the city of Federal District, Abidania. . They refused the crimes.

On this afternoon, the protection of the media filed for independence in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). O G1 The attorney tried to contact the lawyer Alberto Toron to take a position on the charge, but the links did not appear until the last update of this report.

Until this afternoon, there is a latest report of sexual abuse against the whole media. According to the victims, 39, the crime happened on October 24 this year.

In the complaint, the woman states that when she saw John's penis from her pants, she told the media that she had repaired the open limb. Then he interrupted the session. Despite being victims, the media did not tell him to tell about the care.

If convicted, João de Duce can take 2 to 6 years in prison.

Abuse in Dom Inasio di Loyola House in Abadiaia - Photo: Mirillo Velasco / G1Abuse in Dom Inasio di Loyola House in Abadiaia - Photo: Mirillo Velasco / G1

Abuse in Dom Inasio di Loyola House in Abadiaia – Photo: Mirillo Velasco / G1

Media arrest was done on Friday (14) by the request of civilian police and by Goyas State Minister of State (MP-Geo). Two days later, he surrendered on the dirt road in the nearby district of the Federal District, Abidonia, where he served.

Newspaper "O Globo", TV and Globo G1 The number of women released in recent days who have experienced sexual abuse by the media. The case came forward on December 7 in a conversation with the Bail program. There is no question of inquiring about God's ability to heal or the faith of thousands of people.

  • Rape, rape and middle-sex rape are done for raping;
  • Office of the Attorney General received 506 reports of sexual abuse;
  • The civilian police gathered evidence from 15 other women and waiting to hear one more. A case has already been investigated;
  • There are reports of alleged victims of six countries and some Brazilian states;
  • MPs and police also want to file a complaint of money laundering;
  • There is no request to suspend the work of Casa Dom Inaccio Di Loyola.

Complaint about God's complaint

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