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Grand Theft Auto 6: Everything We Know



Grand Theft Auto 6: So far everything we know! – Red Dead Redemption 2 has not been out for a long time, but the truth is that the players who should be playing next studio game are already watching … Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), a long-awaited one.

It was said that if we take a look at Rockstar's record, then GTA 6 is not far away. After all, GTA V was announced in November 2011 after 17 months of the launch of the first Reed Dead Redemption (May 2010).

Although we do not have much official information, but rumors and leaks are making rounds in recent months, GTA 6 fans are getting more and more popular in the head. By the way, this is a common industry trick! Start leaving some rumors and information to start hurling your heart with coal.

So today we will put everything that we have already announced together, to understand how the story will be, the size of the new GTA 6 and of course the release date

What should be the publication date of GTA 6?

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Rockstar Games have already told us not to expect news about the game in 2019! New consoles are expected to end in 2020, and many rumors have mentioned GTA 6 as one of the launch titles … it is likely that the game will appear in the market for a little while in a year.

In fact, many rumors also assure that the new Grand Theft Auto will be a temporary feature of PlayStation 5.

What will be the location of GTA 6?

There is a large range of rumors in this area, but let's look at older games first:

  • GTA 3 – Liberty City
  • GTA 4 – Liberty City
  • GTA Vice City – Vice City
  • GTA: San Andrea – San Andrea / Los Santos
  • GTA 5: San Andrea / Los Santos

If the story itself is to be repeated, it will likely be returned to Vice City or Liberty City. But … I do not think this will happen!

It is likely that the GTA 6 sagna's largest map will pass in new locations. Incidentally, Rockstar's plans are ambitious, this new title should not reach PS4 and Xbox One.

In 2013 the studio himself mentioned that the main goal was to create a dynamic and dynamic world. A type of GTA World, so just wait for something big.

Will we have GTA with a complete map of the United States? Or are we going to go back to London? Or maybe Tokyo? These rumors have big assumptions.

Should we go to the main character of the female?

Given the current society, it is very likely that GTA 6's play is a female character character. Which is not unreasonable, because in Gta 5, we enter the skin of three heroes … However, despite the main female character in the story, there is no playable character.

Is it possible? Without doubt! But do not expect to find just one female lead character

Half the representation of human populations with the character of the play is done in full sense. Especially the current social and political trends are given. However, I do not think the main male characters are left.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share our opinion with you in the comments below.

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