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Hazard's honest statement when talking about an opportunity to conquer Ball Gault; See


The award is given by its favorite Eden Hazar, who won the Ball of Gold France Football, Its winner will be announced on November 3rd. Belgian TV In an interview with the station Artibf, Explained Chelsea shirt 10 reason.

Boca Juniors, Nasser, the Polytec Cup, and: FOX Sports Warrant

"I have to keep my feet on the ground despite a good year and I do not deserve the golden ball this year, and there are other players that are more deserving than I do," he said, claiming they were the winners of the award.

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"Modike was not good between August and October, but if we take into account the start of the season, I will make Emppa."

He has played in 23 matches in the current season and scored 11 goals in the World Cup.

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