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Ibotspa recovering after the Foundation 2%; Dollar R $ 3,76


SO PAULO – In a continuous third consecutive session, Ibsepa has accelerated its correctional movement, decreased by 2% in the trading session, and investors have consumed the Federal Monetary Policy Decision and the Petrobras shares are falling (PETR4).

The Bureau had increased its contract with the BSE benchmark index for 1736 GMT dropping 1.91% to 86,043 points in December. Futures contract increased by 0.58% to USD 3,758 in December. From the point of view of the US economy's signaling system, the market plus 3 of the market is expected to increase next year.

As expected, the FCM (Federal Open Market Committee) decided to keep the interest rate of between 2 and 2.25%. Strong stimulus in the labor market as the US economy has given power to its best expectations. Last month, 250,000 jobs were created in the US, higher than the 180,000 jobs market. In addition, the unemployment rate was 3.7%, the lowest level since December 1969.

Along with the perspective of the economy that naturally raises the possibilities of high interest rates, two major details are creating "threats" in the markets. The Federal did not raise any concerns about the sharp drop in US stock markets. This is expected by investors expecting, lowering interest rates, and setting expectations for upcoming meetings.

According to data from the Chicago Stock Exchange, investors expect 2 inputs and another message by next year Havish The number of open members without a partisan dovishInvestors are expecting 3x hikes and "Chart of points" signal – this chart reveals Fox's projects in the future for future meetings, ie, the federal ones.

Political news

According to Estado, when Jaysh Bolzarro is facing difficulties facing Congress for approving pension reform this year, it now operates in the form of a "light" of text that is shaped by independent proposals from changes in the Constitution. "We see it in the church and the senate," said the president.

Still for revision Folow de S. Poly column panel One day before, a meeting was held with Tamarí and Bolzaro. Meanwhile, the president's selected team members will be recognized in the church. According to the newspaper's report, Onox Lawrenceon, the head of a civilian house, appointed by the old guard's home for the dependency of the voting has been appointed.

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After the confirmation of Teracista Christina from the Ministry of Agriculture, Luis Fernando Sera and Grachi Lima will lead to Itaratice. In Worre's view, however, Vescovi, like an elephant, oversees the Keise Economy. Moreover, it could have been invited to continue in the government.

The editor says that in the case of Central Bank, Leon Goldfans, Polo Gede's former BC Maria Messuketa is named after Beni Parnis of SPP, Sanderson's Director Roberto Campos Neeto. Presently the Director of Calusa Viana

In the evening, the Senate approved the vote on 16 for 41 votes and the tariff bomb, redefined by the federal Supreme Court (STF) ministers' salaries, took 16%, R $ 33.7 thousand to 39.2 thousand. Bill now sanction for President

The value that ministers receive is the limit for civil service in Brazil A cascade result happensAccording to the Chamber and Senate budget consultation, the Union and municipalities accountable in 2019 will be liable for $ 4 billion.

The FEDAL Police operates on the streets of Rio de Janeiro 10 state deputies have arrested an arrest warrant against them Operation Lava Jato, a Operation Operation Phunaa da Onza, worked 12 times.

The probe is a project to purchase political support from parliamentarians. Seven MPs targeted for the first time. Others include Jorge Pixian, Paulo Mello, and Edson Alberbersky.

Stock Highlights

The biggest loss of shares sold by Ibovespa:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
ESTC3 STATION PARTON 20.73 -8.64 -36.25 291.76 M.
CIEL3 CIlO on 11.17 -8.52 -49.22 249.21 M.
BRFS3 BRF SA on 21,20 -4.68 -42.08 114.29M
LBR3 EMBRAER ON 20.60 -4.63 +3.55 52.60 M.
KROT3 KROTON is on 11.00 -4.18 -38.55 82.26 m

The highest increase in shares offered by Ibovespa is:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
CPLE6 Copel PNB 27.52 +1.59 +10.75 26.49 min
CSNA3 Sid NACIONALON 9.89 +0.71 +18 02 132.07M
VALE3 Volume on 57.86 0,47 +49.54 762.88 m
VIVT4 Telly Brasilton 44.01 +0.46 -2,32 71.90 M.
SANB11 Stern Brent 41.55 +0.44 +34.19 32.28M
* – Thousands of shares
1 – Rice (K. – thousand | M. – million | B – billion)

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