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In the fourth phase of the SJD, Devi Ness, Felipeo and Palimiras


On October 21, Deersen, Louis Felipe Scolari, Alexander Ellis, Serena, who succeeded Pyammer's 2-1 win, were made judges in the Supreme Court. Strike suspension for both the games and the coach. On penalties penalty penalty was started from Flamardine to Aliants Park in Wednesday's final.

Philipro and Divorce are on Wednesday. Against fluumensenten (Sesar Greco / Agapalmiras / Divulaco)

Philipro and Divorce are on Wednesday. Against fluumensenten (Sesar Greco / Agapalmiras / Divulaco)

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Deevanson was expelled at the end of the first half of the game. He has already completed an automatic suspension in the next round against Flamengo. This happens with Felipeo, instead of replacing the assistant polo tournament with the ball against the fluorinacin. AlanSander Mattu and Panana in London, London have been sentenced to a 15-day hook. As for Scoliilly, the football director has been fined for a minute because it was unlikely that 180 players could be suspended. On 21 March, he was suspended due to statements made after the match.

Bruno Henrik, Lucas Lima and Meki were also suspended to face Flemenggo.

– really? Yes, I do not believe it. I think I missed the list they prepared. He seems to have a prepared list. Everyone knows that it will hurt everyone – said Felipa, after the match, Bruno classifies Henrique as "strange" yellow card in the first moments.

"I knew exactly what the referee had to say about the game, I know (Markos) was injured and Roach was supposed to give him a card and Bruno Henricque gave him a card that he did not give it to Lucas Lima. , We think and charge It's so strange that he has a game in Maracanã that he takes half a team and takes the options and you can not send the DVD without silence, "Matos said.

De Villiers was dismissed for 21 runs in 46th minute. The striker refused to participate in six suspension matches that were dropped from the Championship in Brazil. The semi-finals will be held in the 1-1 draw with no matchmaker athletato-MG. On Wednesday, Borjah will replace Fluorine.

If he does not have Deveverson or Felipão, Palmeiras can be considered for Dudu who has been suspended for yellow cards, MacKay and Diogo Barbosa are already free from the penalties imposed by SJJ for the crash after 1 to 1 crash, September 26, in Brazil Cup, in Maureau .


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