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Is it time to keep your diet unblocked? – News


I'm working as a dormatologist in London. For more than a decade I have been receiving skin problems in my office. Acne is one of my major areas of interest. In recent years, I have seen the spread of habits that are thought to be associated with a healthy life with great anxiety. I think it affects our relationship with the food and affects the problems that are in our skin.

I'll give you a few moments. First of all, I know that patients in my office do not represent society. But many have a long history of acne, women and women have good socioeconomic conditions. They are women who are not only skin health but also have public health and are intelligent and intelligent.

When they decide to see me, they change the skin care, often through a variety of treatments that have been spent on finding the right products and nutrition monitoring.

The second is a subject that needs to be ignored. In most of my patients, anemia, gluten and sugar were cut through an attempt to remove the feet. In my opinion, control of this diet has reached the level of unhealthy drugs: they hate not to have dinner with friends, avoiding eating after a birthday cake with their birthday. Not a doctor, I'm not just a pimple, but a real fear of some food.

But let's go to the evidence: What is the relation between pimples and food?

This relationship has been discussed and controversial for decades. Studies on this subject are very difficult to do. Many people depend on their personal experiences. If you can not remember what you ate in the past week, how old are you ten years ago?

We know that there is a huge relationship between the acne food and development of the highest gracismic index (GI) – which plays a role in sugar. But we will not cut off the whole sugar or aware of its consumption. It's not only for your skin but also for your overall cure.

The dairy productivity is actually very weak. However, it can also play a role in acne development with a group of smaller people-not the same to all! Factors that are not completely understood are fat less than fat low fat. There are no clear guidelines that are recommended for cutting dairy products to combat acne. These proofs have vices and pimples.

I praise many patients who have slashed food food groups from the diet. The poisonous foods are very simple and do not take into account the multiple nature of the acne that contains hormonal and genetics.

It is shameful to eat some foods that are not necessarily unacceptable to your diet. Society is acceptable to admonish them to advise or judges of the judges by condemning them for the benefit of their skin. This happened to me too

A stranger on the street tells you pimples because you eat ice cream on a hot summer day. The relation of that concern to tell you to chocolate. The social media toll tells you that you're not surprised that you have a "bad skin" because you've just posted a photo of a place in a pizza.

We live in a world loaded with information. Everyone thinks that they have the right to express their opinions. This has increased the social media, which has been possible for 20 years. But how to separate sounds that are scientifically confident in virtual quarks?

If you feel frustrated by your acne scars, your selfish position on the ground can be completely understood by Google's advice. The problem is that each person is different and there are many contradictions – even health professionals. If something works for a person it does not work for you. We all are different, our DNA, environment, personal intestine, eye microbiology.

Introduction to mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, and low self-esteem are associated with the introduction. Tell the people to control their food, and I'm really worried when there are difficulties with mental illness. But this happens on all social networks, through bloggers, landscapes, functional medicine – the promise of getting "the root of the problem".

No one denies that your skin has good nutrition. Health and skin diseases are many foods.

But people are behaving badly about eating certain foods by giving scientifically proven advice for a difference of good nutrition. This creates a culture of injustice. Many patients tell me that such comments affect their mental health or are making dietary choices. Conclusion: They care more about what they eat, or think twice before eating some foods. Friends who study nutrition and psychology say that I am not alone and they see the same thing in their office.

What is the solution? If you have acne and you recognize what I have said here, it is important that you seek medical help. Tell your loved one to talk to a doctor about a loved one eating their pimples. Be honest in the case of your doctor, and include your anxiety in the diet. Sometimes it is like a health inspector, nutrition specialist, psychiatrist and dermatologist.

Food should not be "good" or "bad" – these labels are very binary. To maintain a healthy skin, it takes time to feed well and maintain a sustainable diet. That is not because you have a candy or acne-filled chicken.

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