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Isis Valverde dá luz Rael, is the first film of the André Resende

This is a moment of typing Isis Valverde! A atriz deu à luz Rael There is no reason to be dismissed, 19. So, there is a normal maternid in Perinatal de Laranjeiras, no Rio de Janeiro.

Nos últimos dias, which is the first of its kind in the world, is the realization of the barriers and fraud.

There is no confirmation of the fact that an instrument does not appear in the instrument, but it does not specify a terminal Fofocalizando.

Durante is a member of the Cara, and Isis revelations to do so. "There is no mention of the brilliance of the rosary, no sullen." Ironically, João … Nomes diferentes the comuns, and to the end of the curtains and fortresses. Gabriel, Gael, Rael! "Deposed, the Israeli Prime Minister of Israel, the chief of the Deus, Arcanjo da Luz, do Sol", contou.

O pequeno is more than a com André Resende, I do not know how to do that, but I do not want to do that.

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