Sunday , August 7 2022

It's said that Malia Gabriela interviewed "Altas Horas" more than "10,000" – 11/18/2018


Marilia Gabriela was already nominated as the biggest interview of Brazilian journalism. Atus Horace was Saturday night. He was 18 years old. Sergio Grissman asked if she could interview her in an interview she wanted to answer.

"I have faced great interest, I love those who really want to answer my questions and encourage me because I am rich with the answers of those who respond to. Do they know how many interviewed she has?

"More than 10,000, easy," he said.

Singer Paulo Ricardo was also invited to attend this event. What's the worst interview of his life?

"One of them separated me, but they did not do it with me, and I would not say anything," he laughed.

A 70-year-old journalist asked her to get a job from her job.

"Before I arrived in journalism, I had to lazy, I went for drugs, I wanted to do science, I'm not going, I paid for psychology, I spent a year and I went to São Paulo, where I spent a film and publicity college, What & # 39; s & # 39; n Like What & # 39; Jornal Nashal & # 39; Unnat & # 39; that you, the person who will be traveling, Interview, still trying to do it. I have stopped looking for jobs gleabeayil, "he said.

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