Thursday , May 6 2021

Merino with the Grammyo could put the Corinthians in 2019 in Corinthians

Stryker Marinha can strengthen the team of Corinthians in 2019. The GramoOo intends to be decisive with the Junihao Kipixaba on the left side, which is Timono, and until the following year, Grimistas is given, and for that he will develop the Mourinho in that business.

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President Romilla Bolzan Junior confirmed the intentions during a press conference on Sunday (December 2). São Paulo's team coach was transferred by Jaere Ventura and Fabio Carille, also admitted that he is already aware of possible exchanges between teams.

"I know. I know the whole process, all the players who come back, who live and do not live, but we'll reserve to talk later. Now when the championship is over, we will be with Alessandro (Corinthians leaders) Duleys will sit with us and then we will explain to the players who live or not. After the defeat of Albuquerho in the 1-0 series at the home of Ticholor Gaucho, the coach told I can not for the public.

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After Bahia's fame, Juaninho Capixaba spent $ 6 million in addition to the transfer of goalkeeper Douglas to Corinthians. In the field, however, the player had only 12 occasions, he failed very much and stopped borrowing due to a lack of weather, mainly due to the unrest of São Paulo fans.

The pair of 21-year-old pairing with the Sao Jorge Park Club runs until December 2021, exactly the same Marinero contract with Graiemo on the same date

On the south, the striker was injured and scored just one goal in 16 matches. Hired by the end of June, Mourinho took the $ 8 million Chinese club Changchun to the village.

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