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Minister says – 07/01/2011 – Market – Government does not think about preventing negotiations on Embraer

After expressing doubts about merger between Embraer and Boeing, President George Bollson said, GSI's Minister General Agusto Helena said on Monday that the government is not thinking about preventing the deal between the two. Companies

On Friday (4), the Bonders said they were concerned about the possibility that the new company formed by two manufacturers would not have a Brazilian partnership in the future.

To close, businesses need government approval.

Under contract between the two firms, Embraer can fully complete 20%, it is a new coke, a new company that will create the current line of Embroer's regional jets and develop new models, catch it.

At the particular point of the agreement, the minister said, "Today is an ideal formula or if we can request other types of solutions, then we need to study."

According to him, the country is also concerned about the possible losses in the field of technological development.

"This includes physical heritage, aeronautical heritage, which is a very big concern with technological descendants within the Aeronautical Heritage, which had rarely been received for many years and did not intend to lose our goal. After a dedicated ceremony in Palasio de Plalto, he said that , But this can be a solution.

When asked if these issues could interfere with the operation, he said, "you do not think about preventing this negotiation."

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