Tuesday , February 7 2023

New Orleans, Louisiana Hotels Reveals Links Between Drug Traffics and Police Officers in Moreno Dunday in Exchange of Messages


Text messages say that the person who is himself known as Leo and presents himself as a police officer, he seeks a $ 300,000 payment for the information for Operation Boive, the Bhadra Group of Rio's Prime Minister, Favela.

According to the civilian police, the negotiation is known as Tate, who will be the trusted man of this traffic police boss Fernandinho Gourrab this week. Tate is the one who, according to the police, tips, drugs and weapons in the negotiations.

Fernando Gomes De Freitas, Fernandinho Gourub, was one of the oldest and most wanted traders in Rio. This week he died during the police operation. His body was Friday (28).

Against gravitation, 14 arrests were warrants, which were not investigated, thanks to the involvement of corrupt army police with the gang of corrupt people.

In exchange of text messages, Globe has got a full Rs. 5000 to provide information about the police operation in the oil palm of Favela, in connection with Tattoo and the supposed Prime Minister, who represents herself as Leo. Demands 300,000 and pays the full amount.

"It's been a long time and the contract has not been completed yet. Bose said to send the remaining 200 thousand, which is 50 parcels of 50 thousand."

In the second section, Leo complains that if Gurbu does not buy the information, the remaining pack, which it calls employees, will be the biggest loser. He also said that illegal police action was arrested or killed. He threatens Guarab: The idea is that if he can not arrest or kill him, he will make it day by day.

In the dialogue, the police persist in the threatening tone: "You will see that there is a real fire, just as I told you that patience is already tired. And remember what happened to the fish trader of Alliance's village, who had rejected the same agreement: After 48 hours of rejection, joined hands, begging to negotiate.

Failing to negotiate with Fernandinho Gaurubu police officer, the weary person is useless and replies: "What to do more? Fernandinho wants this for his life."

In another conversation, a suspected public safety officer warns of the operation of the boat operation

"Can not you find a way to stay calm there?" The interlocutor replies to the culprit: "You're mad! Do not have money … if they pay cash, then it's like".

In this dialogue between the culprit and the person yet known among the individuals, Tate has asked for information, which he calls vision, which is possible about police operations, which is probably "labeled" by other lenders.

The person answers that he does not have anything until the 17th year and he speaks openly: "There is nothing at the top of Karakoko's safety", but he warned that information about Guarab has been received, which he calls so much.

During the exchange of messages, civilian police will participate in the operation in the dandy until the leak is leaked.

Investigations show that relations between Fernando Guarapu and corrupt police officers were also involved in arms and police equipment.

RJ2 showed on Friday that, recorded in April 2007, Sergeant PM Renato Elves da Concecco handed the AK-47 rifle to one of the gang convicts. Afterwards, Fernando Guarab caught a gun and was seen by placing a loader. Eight months later, the military police officer was killed in a luxury car driving in Jacarapagua.

In another video, Carlos Alberto Cambria Jr., nicknamed metal, appears on the foot. According to the police, the voice in the background is Fernando Gourrabu, who says he has almost never taken the risk of leaving him stranded.

"I'm afraid to get off the hill, fortune. The next day I went, there are four cars, there are pinhrers, 20 rifles, talking there, so I'm going. Now, I'm going to take risks, I know I'm there, I'm there Can not see, he can call, so here it is, it's like Adriano, there are guys. "

Mattel died during the Bop Operation in January 2017.

Police are examining images of one ball held Friday night in honor of Fernando Guarabu and the merchants killed in the same operation.

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