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Old ads show how comfortable the air travel was – all by ship


Traveling by plane has been a lot more enjoyable than ever. The planes were more spacious, and the airlines also provided plenty of onboard service to economy travelers. On the other hand, there were times when airline tickets were much more expensive, and few people had the opportunity to fly.

The airlines were investing in new aircraft that could provide a new experience for passengers. Old newspaper and magazine ads show this scenario very well. Most companies focused precisely on sophistication and comfort (see photo album above).

Photos and pictures show just how big the seats were, and the passengers had many more places to stretch their legs and rearrange their seats. In the first class of some airlines, passengers also had meeting rooms, as shown by a United Airlines announcement about the D-8 glass jet.

Big food was always featured as an airline differentiator to attract the attention of future travelers. An American Airlines ad says there are 85 different menus for airlines flights. Delta's announcement emphasized first-class service such as champagne and meat, chicken or seafood options.

The presence of commissioners was another specialty. In the Pan Am announcement, the flight commander also appears in an illustration of a baby blanket lying next to his mother.

However, not everything was a miracle back then. At a time when smoking was allowed across the board with no restrictions, the announcement of Australian Stallion cantons showed passengers with a cigarette in one hand while holding a newspaper with the other. At least the armchair was almost bed.

At one time the aircraft was a model differential

Few travelers know exactly what model of aircraft they are traveling to today. In Brazilian Airlines, the arrival of a new aircraft is the subject of several advertising campaigns.

When the now-defunct Royal Aerovius Nacional got the conveyor, the company made ads focusing on the new aircraft's differences. Compared with luxury hotels, the focus was on speed and comfort. "Everything about this ultra-modern aircraft was made for your comfort and enjoyment," read the company's announcement that day. Among the differences was a pressurized cabin, which is needed today.

At the same time, the Cruzeiro du Sole entered the conveyor-350. In announcing the time, the company said "business trips are also fun trips." The announcement highlights the capacity of 44 passengers, seats made of special cavalry and spongy rubber material and speeds of up to 450 km per hour (current planes reach twice that speed).

While debuting Electra II, Varig also announced an announcement highlighting the differences of the new aircraft. The announcement also brought with it a model of four turboprop engines (called by Propeller Jet Company) and some technical data with a power of 15 thousand hp. According to the announcement, Electra II made "the fastest propeller aircraft of Brazilian commercial aviation" at 650 km per hour.

In terms of comfort, Varig said in his campaign that the aircraft was "soft, quiet and without a hitch." He said, & # 39; This spacious cabin with 68 spaces has a sophisticated pressure and air conditioning system. & # 39;

To promote its new aircraft, Vsper stated in its announcement headline that "Inside One-Eleven is whiskey, caviar canapes, salmon, music, air conditioning, Marseille." [uma comissária de bordo que virou a garota propaganda da Vasp]"

The ad says the plane was so comfortable that passengers didn't want to land even after landing. Showing the commander's speech to the passengers, the text said, "We are delighted to have you on board and we know that there is something very delicious inside One-Eleven." But understand that we must descend.

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