Sunday , August 1 2021

Paulina's Adventures: Mirla does not accept Luca's decision

Paulina's Adventures: Murala Luca's decision is not accepted - Press Release

The story of SBT children, The Adventures of Polia, which starts from 8:30 am on Mondays to Fridays, is becoming more interesting every day. By addressing the controversial themes of children and adolescents, the novel has won thousands of viewers.

According to Mess Maiz TV's Magazine, a great revelation will be done by Luca Tubar (João Gilerem). While commenting on the girl of that time, Youth will reveal the identity of the girl who attracted your attention, through a video.

All those selected by Eureber after Rachel (Isabella Moraira), Mirala (Larisa Maneela), she did not find her, she would be somewhat frustrated. The reason for the grief was that he had very definite certainty that he was flirted by the violojouro.

Rachel will make the situation worse by showing several messages with Luca, which makes her friend feel more angry. This dispute will reach the ears of Marcelo, who will be worried by the story and try to solve the situation.

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