Thursday , June 8 2023

Petrobras PRR


Participating in the new model of profit and profit with the Petrobras workers began to discuss the results. The company said the company is trying to implement a law on those who have failed to perform their work and will contribute to the controversy between management and management of the company.

The infrastructure, a & # 39; evolution & # 39; Is called. Those who receive a warning or suspension from their director's manager can compensate or cut the compensation. The interpretation of union representatives is that this measure, the company's management body, gains power at its disposal.

The company wants to end this week's labor point discussions. He decided to coordinate laws that are to be implemented from April next year to urgently submit to the Secretariat of the State Enterprises (Zest).

However, single federation of oil tankers (FUP) said that major changes in PLR payment laws are fixed in 2014 and are unlikely to participate in the discussion.

"The FUP Company's objectives are questioned and the SEER's decisions and guidelines can not survive legislation and that this debate can not be done in a turbulent manner," the representative said.

Petrobras confirmed that discussions were initiated in a note that "new indicators follow strategic guidelines" and "deployed with its strategic planning". Meetings will be held to discuss meetings, he said.

Profit or loss. A different shift in defense among the workers is the end of the payment of profits in profit. From the contract in 2014, a portion of the venture enters the employer's account in January, however, the data, whether economic loss, profit or loss, is only available in March. The rest will be paid within a month after the plc of the PLR ​​approved by the shareholders in the meeting. This year, the payment is expected to be abandoned earlier this month.

Petrabras wants to lose employees annually. At present, if the result is negative, the PLR ​​will be paid if the matrix for oil, gas and fuel production is reached. The logic of the trade unionists is that management errors can not be fined in the factory floor staff. This concept of the current collective agreement will not please the board.

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