Thursday , May 6 2021

Photographer who helped her father recover after surgery after converting her father into a "James Bond villain".

After brain surgeries in 2015, American Ed Fidder got a huge scar on the head.

According to Edward Jr., son of Eddie, the illness that led to the operation – an aneurysm – at that time made his family very much.

Edward Jr. says, "There was a time when (doctors) we were asked to say goodbye." But three years later his father was completely restored to the happiness of his family.

Episode, however, left the father with a very visible sign. Instead of covering her, Ada knocked her son, who is the photographer and Personal TrainerTake a picture.

The Fieder family decided to cope with the situation of humor. Ed, who is a big fan of James Bond's films, has emerged as villain and also accepts the nickname: "titles" (points).


This week Edward Jr. saw a picture of a person having a headache after surgery and decided to post a photo taken from his father.

Within a few days, the post received 86,000 positive feedback, and generated many jokes and responses with edited images in the Photoshop program.

Photos also spark in conversation about how often recovery is done after a major surgery.

Both the father and son were very surprised by the reactions, and the answers were "unreliable".

Edward Jr. says, "It has been an exciting experience." We want to read the stories of people who have rescued, and we have talked with some of them, but it is impossible to answer. "

Help with recovery

Even after dealing with Eddie's condition with good humor, this terminology is aware of the seriousness of the surgery – and how psychological effects of the appearance can be affecting the person's health.

As a result of the situation, they were judges, very important for recovery.

Despite the stereo look after surgery, 63-year-old Ed, Ed says he is grateful for the dedication and expertise of the doctor and his team. "I'm really fortunate that I've been back with any side effects, as well."

Eden skears are now less visible, and both of them and their son have been very helpful in seeing the progress made after their surgery.

Edward Jr. says, "Being able to identify with other people is a very powerful experience. We help people to photograph, do not be afraid of people," he says.

His father says, "I am not surprised at the resilience of people."

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