Wednesday , September 28 2022

Relationship between Meghna and Kate is shocking to the royal family


Meghan-kissing his relationship with the royal family - press release

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel announced that they would go to Windsor Castle before their son's first couple came into the world. According to an official statement, shortly before, both gave special affection for this place.

It is noteworthy that "Windsor is a very special place for his imperial elevation and he is very grateful that his official residence is in that place."

However, the international press has been hypothesized that there may be another reason for Harry and Meghan's changes. According to Daily Mail, a source close to Royalty would have claimed that, in fact, Meghan Merkel and Kate Middleton did not do so well with the Dieses of Sussex's family entrance.

Sources said that they are very different people and certainly can not get along.

According to the vehicle, both partners have such a cold relationship that they will also influence the relationship between both the brothers, Harry and William.

The international press still speculates that newborns want more autonomy for the first child's arrival, and therefore they decide to stay away from the family.

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