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Santos is defeated in Pacaembu and "breathing" in Braziliano


This was the second defeat in Braziliano on Monday night. Playing in Pacaembu, Chapagons surprised the score from 1 to 0 at the end of the round of 33. After the victory, the Santa Catarina team breathed a little again.

Chapecoense field entered the last spot of the list. But in Brasilerao, the team ended up at the 17th spot with 37 points. Outside the 16th place, the first team has a similar score.

Landro celebration aimed for Santos players - all the title / code 19 / estadavo contents
Landro celebration aimed for Santos players – all the title / code 19 / estadavo contents

Santos lost their chance to return from classical defeat at Palmiraas in the final round. The eighth position below 46 points and a point below G6 is the classification zone of the next Copper Libertadoros category.

With the collapse of the main gang, seven puppies were injured, injuries, suspended, the deal ended. All the teams of the team have collapsed. Team frame invasion failed in the field. Even at the entrance In the second half, Rodrigo and Bruno Henrique missed the stumbling block.


In the final round, Santos had to undergo testing on Monday in their team. The test was not successful in the initial phase. In the first minute there are speeds and intensity tasks, but the main body is important to all areas.

In addition to Gabriel, the attack was the most visible Rodrigo. Edward Sasha Copete does not even strive to make even a struggle but make a difference to the bids already already started in the frame. As a result, Santos had the only goal of the initial stage.

It was in the first minute of the game. Darlis González crossed the right. A ball deviated from the Douglas CopperThe ball reached the top of the line with the ball crossing the top. Nothing else, Brian Rousse tried to reduce the charge Jind thrice.

On the other hand, Chapkons has contributed to its visitor. I thought I was interested in defense and made Pakistani attacks without taking further risks. One of them, in 28, opened the board. After a capital venture, Winterther was unable to shoot at the center of the visitors. The patronage of their patrons was awesome. 0 – 4. Landro Perera gave the opportunity to change things.

Concerned coach Kokan decided Rodrigo in the second half. Coach's early intention was to save the player because the fever presented in the last days. But the striker went to the field after the break. Arthur Gomes was replaced by Brian Ruiz. He learned it later Bruno hench coat.

These changes were given a new face in the Sanded Attack. Chapecoense helped the team in motion and presence. Dangerous opportunities were rare. One of them was 28 years old, Alison Rodriguez Springing in the second crossbar.

After that, the Santiago Stroke reduced the pressure and the heights of the visitors, and succeeded in their goal.

The next round will be played in Sao Paulo Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro and Marcana. Contact, In Santa Catarina.

Technical Data Sheet:


Santos – Vanderli; Daniel Gades (Rodrigo), Allison, Gustavo Henrik, Dodo; Yuri, Carlos Sanchez, Brian Ruiz (Arthur Gomes); Derlis Gonzales; Edwardo Sasha and Coffette (Bruno Henric). Technical: Q.

Chopnavan – Jandri; Edwardo, Douglas, Fabricia Bruno, Bruno Pesco; Amaral, Marso Aruajo, Caneros (Elisaras), Dopoe (Vincius); Wellington Polo (Louis Ottoye), Landro Perera. Coach: Clodinai Olivira.

Goal – Landro Perera in the 28th minute of the first half.

Yellow cards – Allison, Yuri, and Mario Aurojo.

Referre – Raphael Trachy (PR).

Income – R $ 334,014.50.

Public – 10,792 (a total of 12,659).

LOCAL – Passama stadium in São Paulo (SP).

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