Monday , March 27 2023

Space probe-recorded video shows a comet made by the sun


The comet shown in the video comes exactly in the middle of the sun, eventually evaporating completely due to the star's extreme temperature.

The comets of this class come very close to the surface of the sun and are often destroyed.

On Thursday (15), the Soho spacecraft's telescope recorded an impressive video of a comet diving directly into the sun.

In the recording you can see numerous asteroids, including a bright Venus located very close to the sun (the image of the sun was washed with opaque discs for increased visibility) and a Kreutz or Kreutz sausager, scuba diving almost directly into the center of the sun. Sun

The Kreutz Comet is a family of grazing comets whose orbit is very close to the sun.

This is not the first such case reported this summer by SOHO verification. On June 20, the observatory discovered two comets .They – a Kreutzscheger and a mayor sunscheater – near the sun.

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