Sunday , August 1 2021

The boy leads the father's aggression against the mother and creates it

UA seven-year-old boy was making a picture that condemns the case of domestic violence against his mother. The child participated in the 16th edition of Teresa's Action Action on Saturday in the capital's Northern Zone Mafrans, Saturday (24). This design is a puppet in black and red colors, which, according to the boys, represents bruises made by the mother.

"We do not know this boy, he drew and said that black color is a symbol of walls and injuries, which suffers from mother's father, red blood, for me, this picture is an incident report. It is a call for help. Affects life, "said representative Ugania Villa Nogira.

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The G1 refers to the fact that after reporting the case the boy came out of the Security Secretariat booth.

Teresi's M Acco provides services in health, education, comfort and civic areas for health. This year, the Salve Maria application, which aims to fight domestic violence against women, was present in the event.

"We decided to bring 'Marsing', which is our mascot to deal with violence against children, especially sexual violence, which helps in finding crimes through painting, said the representative.

According to G1, the child was not found, but the representative believed that the experience of declaring the Salve Maria application in children has been approved and should be received by psychologists. "We will bring a conservation network so that we will have these children's address and the language of young children will be understood. He plays the game of gambling and wants to be ready to help him," he said.

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