Sunday , March 7 2021

The dengue mosquito was raised in Umarahi

The dengue epidemic of a dengue epidemic named 'Aadas Ezipti' (Lara) has been reported as a result of the fourth fast index survey conducted by the Health Care Coordination Coevision (Kovasan) between November 4 and 8. / Environmental Monitoring Service. The World Health Organization (WHO) is estimated to be 1%, so the municipal health department warns the people that it is difficult to migrate water and reproduce insects.

The city is divided into 62 divisions, each building over 800 buildings and 18 basic health units – and nine in zero. The percentage of real estates discovered by larvae from others, Park Vittoria Regia, Jardim Cristova and Jardim Cruze dropped by 1% of the health categories.

The number of homes found on coco-larv was 17.4%, Park Industries (11), Jardim Panorama (6.7%), 5th Square (5.4%) and the Ceded Alta Park (4.6%), though 62 larvae There were 21 places.

In Jardim Sao Kettoano, 26.9% of the houses are from endemic patients suffering from endemic disease. Jardim Kolibiri (23.3%), Alto de Gloria and Jardim Panorama (17.9% each) had a high incidence of infection. More than 5% of real estate inspectors have larvae and 12 registers from 1.6% to 4.5% real estate.

Orientation is to eliminate the likelihood of mosquito breeding in other areas of the city, especially in neighboring areas. "We can not ignore the fact that if there is a major event, dengue will be reinforced by force, as well as the injured Chikungunya and Sika Virus are going through the same thickness and are at risk." He said the municipality health department chief, CVDini said.

38 areas of Umayyama have been informed about the cases. Two cases have been confirmed. (In indigenous and indigenous Jordim Mountbuy – Cedar Alta Park in three territories). In 85 cases, suspected cases have been reported. Of these, 74 were abandoned. "The power of the people has done its part, but it must help the population to fight with this mosquito, to collect water and avoid utensils that are unreasonably abolished, such as tires and other wastes," Selelia said. Seville.

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