Saturday , January 16 2021

The driver says that Palukhi took money in the cash in Lula Institute

Brazil – in testimony in
Federal police
(PF), a driver who worked for the former finance minister
Antonio Paloki
It was confirmed that he had seen the transit of money through the former minister. Investigators, Carlos Alberto Pocente "believed" to say that Paloki took these resources from former President Luiz Inaccio.
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"She believes that she took Antonio Paloki to Lola Institute on many occasions, in a report on satisfying statements that she was carrying the resources."

Posey has reported that he transferred to Peloki meetings with meetings in other sectors such as Financial Sector and Safra, Audebrich and Banker Andre Agusti. In the statement, the driver said, "He took Paloki in many banks and seat banks, who remembers taking Palosi in many opportunities for the residence of Safra Bank and its owner. Antonio Paloki is already taking numerous opportunities till the house of Andre Aves."

The driver referred to an episode of the situation asked by PF in which the former minister had carried cash, in which Paloki attended lunch at Safra Bank, where she came with a blank bag and after lunch. , "The suitcase was clearly perfect." "On that occasion, after going to Safra Bank, he went to Paloichi residence and then went to Lula Institute," he said.

According to the former driver, on some occasions Palko warned them that they have cash in the car. Poseyon also confirmed
One of the episodes mentioned by the former minister
And said that he brought a box of whiskey to former President Lulla at Kongonas Airport. The former driver did not sign the deal, but in his statement, the information provided by Paloki was confirmed.

In a note published last week, the former President Lula's press office classified Paloki's statements as "lies". "António Palosie, arrested, tried to close the contract with the Public Prosecutor Office by searching for stories about Lula, and the Lava Jaton Public Prosecutor Office also rejected the lack of evidence and it was called & # 39; End of the Sting & # 39 ;. But the TERF- 4 decided to approve of the Paloku's discontented speeches, which came out of prison and returned home, most of its wealth Lies Lies in turn being held against the former president. Notes, "stories are left to produce holiday.

Until the release of this matter, Andrei Avilis's defense and Bank Spa's advice did not get the answer.

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