Saturday , June 10 2023

The military officer kills the driver at the shot at


The police officer fired a police officer at a police officer's approach and killed him. He said the shooting was a coincidence that he was accused of illegitimate death (without killing) and was released after the civilian warrant. Thursday, 16 January at 4:20 pm on Thursday, 1 pm on Thursday afternoon, at 4:20 pm The Corregidor Military Police is being investigated on the street in São Luís, south of São Paulo.

The state secretary of public security, who did not tell the police officer's name, said he handed over his pistol and that the Technical Science Police had prepared a report on the case. According to the state government, a military police team regularly patrolled the suspect Honda Fit, led by Caio Rodrigo Medina Vaz Amâncio (24). The pairing of the police car with the suspicious vehicle was done by random firing.

The secretary did not say why the police officer had the pistol in his hand or showed it to the leader.

When the police noticed the fire and the driver was fired, the police asked for help from the fire department. But when a backup came, Amancio was dead. The civilian police asked for expertise at the crime scene and launched an investigation.

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