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The population estimates that there is no more epidemic in the country


Researcher Akira Hooray commented on an interview conducted by Forrex's Senior Science Advisor Foreign S Paulo. In the summer talk about the possible outbreak of yellow fever. In addition, vaccination is one of the main measures to deal with disease.

He was a Phoenix vaccine production unit, bio-manginius, and president of the Foundation between 1989 and 1990. The doctor says that the victims of our success are safe for people, not the epidemic. .

In recent years, Homa warned that the yellow color was growing in Thailand. According to the findings in the Fixtures survey found that the virus has spread over the past one year, according to the fastest increase in the last one year.

For him, there is no chance of vaccine deficiency, and Brazil can safely use differential doses. "This is not a quality quality vacuum, we have data: it protects in the same way, our vaccine strength is very high," he said.


What is the possibility of a new burst of yellow color this summer in Brazil?

That's possible. Last year, the yellow fever went to Rio de Janeiro in São Paulo, Espirito Santo. He resisted those areas. The problem is that the virus travels fast to three kilometers per day [referência à taxa média de dispersão do vírus na região sudeste, durante o surto de 2017, segundo pesquisa recente da Fiocruz].

This area was not part of the vaccination campaign. It is likely that a large group of yellow poppy populations will come. Now, in the summer, the temperature will rise and rain fall. Likely [de um novo surto] Is set.

In your opinion, how much is the vaccination strategy in the country?

– It should be well designed and well communicated to the people. People need to know real facts. For instance, last year's intrusion vaccination had a bigger problem because the Ministry was not meant to report the population. Our vaccine, in a typical dose, has more vaccine strength, more antigens than needed.

Does this mean that the fractional vaccination is safe?

– We conducted a published study; We have scientific information and evidence. We put the vaccine on the water. More than ten times, the vaccine still has the same dose similar seroprotection. But in order to apply it, I have to create a different vaccine formulation. I need Ansa's approval for this. [Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária].

Instead of using a 0.5 ml to avoid anything, ie if you use 0.1 mm, it's one fifth of the dose. A power in five. But we did not change anything from the vaccine. All the same. You are reconstructing the vaccine the same way; That's the same quality. This only is different.

Does it work the same way?

– it works. Antibody production occurs at the same level as full volume. This year, we have given more than 40 million doses [de vacina contra a febre amarela]. When we receive a diploma dose, it will be 200 million doses. So I have the safety: if we plan for the correct and organized, first vaccinating areas of the big risk, there will be a vaccine for everyone.

Last year, the diseases of yellow and myalysis in Brazil were repeated. what happen? Vacuum Failed?

"We are the victims of our success, the vaccine is a very successful program in Brazil, the population is safe, and the disease is not the same: We no longer have infectious diseases, no measles, pearls, and rubles.

But there are other reasons [para a queda nas taxas de vacinação]. For example, access to health posts entry. Everyone should work and nobody is able to vaccinate children. There are also economic problems: Municipalities face a lot of difficulties, often failing to provide vaccination services in an effective and encouraging way. This is a complicated question.

Check out the latest vaccination campaign for measles and polio: There was much information in the media. I have not seen so much of this work. But the response of the population was not what we expected. We need to reach 95% of the children. We get this amount only two months after we go to Rio de Janeiro. Two months!

In the 1980s, the National Defensive Vaccination program, which had a large vaccine vaccine called poliomyelitis, was obtained within two days.

But what protects people from getting the vaccine?

– It's a complicated issue. Population is not a priority on an annual basis. We have to find ways to persuade these people to be vaccinated. They talk of adverse reactions: "Oh, if I have a response, are I going to take a vaccine?" But vaccination costs are much higher than adverse reactions to a vaccine.

Fever, pain, and other small responses are in two, three, four days. The cost is much higher than the cost of this disease. Treatment costs, emotional load … if you vaccinate it is very good. No doubt.

What is the effect of anti-virus movements on this issue?

"People who do not want to be vaccinated easily use that information and have some results, but this is a fake news.

Vaccinations should be vaccinated. Vaccination provides individual protection, but collective protection can only be obtained when the vaccination coverage is present. It is important to be vaccinated every time. It not only protects your family and your family.

Is the vaccine the main way to prevent jaundice?

– Although this vaccine is the only vaccine to be personally preserved, Ades in the city needs to control the Egyptian Kosley. This is important because it reduces the risk of pollution.

Akira Homes, 79

He earned a degree in veterinary medicine from the Universified Federal Flamerance (1967). He quickly joined the Phoenix to work on the Polynomallis Laboratory.

He holds a Doctorate degree from Baylor College of Medicine (1972).

From 1991 to 1997, he coordinated a special program for the vaccines and immunizations of the Pan-American Health Organization.

Bio-mangininos in Phycoras Technology (1976 to 1989), President (1989-1990)

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