Friday , August 19 2022

The shooting for the Elon Mask High Speed ​​Tunnel was completed


On the way to the big transit passage, the billionaire tweeted on Twitter that the degree of engraving would be achieved on Twitter

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17 November 2018, 15 hours

Elon Musk, Tesla and Space X host, on Saturday, 17th, his other company's first tunnel Twitter Images, his profile Boring CompanyThe cars are exported at high speeds to export cars in capsules. Musk's enthusiasm is that the rolling machine has already reached the end of Musk's journey.

"The Boring Company has evolved another way," he wrote on Twitter, the Australian DJ. Fischer wrote with the song "Losing It."

The project was created by a boring company with the participation of the Los Angeles Subway. Loop is named after this project. Smaller wagons are capable of up to 16 in the beginning until the Logical City capital is left. Musk had earlier said he would like to use this idea to other cities in the country if trials were successful.

In addition, Hyperlope, from this project, is much different from the better transportation plan aimed at achieving half the speed of sound for travel between different cities or states.

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