Friday , January 15 2021

The UFC fighter responds to the attack and gives the thief a thief

Brazilian UFC fighter Paulina Viagana responded to robbery last night in the western zone of Rio, (5) in Jekaterapua and tried to steal the thief's cell phone.

According to an article published in the site "MMAjunkie" Paula's Vienna, 27, was waiting for Uber at the door of the condominium, where she was alive when she came in contact with the bandit.

Brazilian MMA Fighter Polyania's Vienna

In a translation by the newspaper "Extra", Fighter explained what happened:

When he saw that I had understood his presence, he was close to me. He asked me time. I said, but I saw that he did not leave. Then I put the cell phone on my waist. Then he told me: 'Give me a cell phone. Do not try to react, I'm armed. & # 39;

She added:

He put his hand on it seemed to be a gun, but I realized it was worthless. She was very close to me When I thought: If it is a weapon, then it does not have time to extract it. And I took two punch and kick. He fell and I stopped him with a murderer.

Until the police arrived, thieves were mastered by the hand. The "weapon" used in this attack was made from cardboard.

The false weapon used by Bandit

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