Thursday , January 21 2021

Time taken: Google hangouts get closing date

As of 2020, listed in the air, Google Hangouts has found a date to start stopping by Mountain View Giant. In March 2017, service will be continued on Chat and Meet applications.

The process will start from April 16, 2019. From this date onwards, Google has begun lobbying to transfer G-sweet administrators and users from the old app to a new meet and chat – will emphasize the latter.

Between April and September this year, G Suit Chat will now receive classic Hangouts features. Examples is integration with Gmail, chat with external users, video call enhancements and the ability to make calls with Google Voice.

Next October, Google will start deactivating the classic messenger from the old messenger on the G-suite. Since then, new invention information will be known in the future.

Generic users have a tendency to start transit only after the G-suite customers have finished. For now, the forecast is late in 2020, but soon there will be a more precise chronological order for this audience.

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