Thursday , January 21 2021

Under Sergio Moro, Brazilian crypto-currency brokers will go off after coffee, experts say

Under Sergio Moro, Brazilian crypto-currency brokers will go off after coffee, experts say

On 1 January, the temporary size (MP) signed by President Jere Bolesarno NPC As per 870, with the departure of the Financial Activity Control Council (COFF) to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, from the extinct ministry of finance, now controls the other financial sectors including the crypto-currency market.

Tuesday (22) by experts from Economic Criminal Laws of Estado, Armando S. According to an article published by Mesquita Nato and Henrik Zhalente Rodriguez Natto, the new & # 39; s new & # 39; Targets on new targets Among them are Finechurch and Crypto-Currency Brokers, which were operated without a specific regulatory body.

The text says that in these two parts of the financial sector, supporting facts, there is evidence of illegal financial activities and the Lava Jato Task Force should take on the coffees supervised by the Financial Audit of the Federal Revenue Service, Roberto Leonal de Oliveira Lima.

The authors say that "On both sides, there are always strong beliefs, which are supported by facts, some services are different from the financial system and it is believed that it is also used for shadow purposes."

In order to explain the lack of control, lawyers refer to V-Bucks purchases (virtual currency of Fortnight online game) with stolen credit cards and then sell it again on the Internet. However, the authors confused the virtual currency with the crypto currency.

They also mentioned Silk Road, a site that is operated with bitcoin on the Deep Web and through that a number of products, including those drugs, can be purchased.

"The challenge of cross-diplomacy parallel financial system regulation is worldwide. Innovation, now, is that the goal of the business has been created by new regulation of coffee," says an excerpt from this article.

Sergio Morrow's command

Experts have also written that this year, the Finitex and brokerage companies will be critical of improving their direction and being compatible with the new regulation under Moro's order.

"What is left to see is that with time new laws will always be enough to deal with changing and challenging digital markets, and in legal terms, whether the potential threats to fundamental guarantees will result in litigation," the authors said.

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