Thursday , October 6 2022

Vaccination is conducted in the second stage of the campaign against foot and northern dez


The second phase of vaccination against cows, for horses and buffalo begins on 7th of the vaccination promoted by the Housing and Land Regulation Department and is intended for the small producers of municipality. In May, all ages are vaccinated for animals, but the immune system only intends to animals up to two years of age.
We will launch the campaign on Wednesday and take up the opportunity to increase the importance of injections. Everyone should be aware that animals can not be vaccinated, "Port Saver Joa Alberta Avellar said.
Until 30, a registry team will go through registered materials for the protection of animals. The manufacturer you wish may schedule the visit of the team. This aim is to call or participate in the Secretariat of Housing Regulatoryization.
At present there are 3.553 thousand animals distributed in atatellite 55. At this stage, the total intake of 10% of vaccination is in the age limit of 2 years.
– The Secretariat's name and address are a registry. But those who are not yet registered can sign up for a technical expert visit.
According to the survey, the municipality has registered cases of the disease in recent years, and thus introduces a health stability.
What is the disease of fungus and pearl?
An epidemic that affects some wild animals like cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, and capi; It produces milk, meat, infected animal, contaminated water, air, materials, and surroundings.
This disease can be eaten by fever and injuries, animal feeding, feeding and reproducing. In addition to producing milk and meat in affected cattle, loss of value addition and economic and social damage leads to municipality and producers.

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