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VW Volvo buys the company and costs $ 15 billion to connect cars

Group onsets promise 2020 to 5 million vehicles

Volkswagen Group acquired the majority stake in Volvo Telematics specialist "Wireless Care". The goal of forwarding the design of a cloud platform is the ability to connect all its models. Operation was confirmed today in the presentation at the brand's headquarters, which also announced more details of the system and also with it Privacy Policy.

Christopher Hartung, head of Digital Business and Mobility Services at Volkswagen, said, "Our goal is to develop Volkswagen with a dynamism provider." "Our customers will always be able to use value-added digital services in their cars or on their mobile devices. We are increasing pace with this development and have won the Wireless as the third largest partner, now we are really integrating and" .

In August this year, the group announced an investment of 3.5 billion Euros (about Rs 15.5 billion) to create a Volkswagen Automotive Claude. Microsoft is a partner in the development of Cloud Platform and after that, Deconium has entered into the design of custom marketing platforms to deliver digital services to customers.

According to the manufacturer, the wireless care technology will enable secure and stable data exchange, making the necessary support for future software architecture in the vehicle between the operating system of the vehicle and the cloud platform.

Group promises that more than 5 million new vehicles will be added to the platform since 2020. In addition to VW, this system will be expanded to other brands in the group, with adaptations starting with audio.

There are simple features such as creating a profile for each client / driver who can be in the cloud and pass from one new vehicle to another. Integration with social networking profiles, message services, maps, calendars, contacts, always saving choices and personalization.

However, the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud will allow you to exchange traffic information between cars and the cloud, always updated, improving driver experience and helping autonomous driving mods and models.

Without a free meal in life, opens a new frontier business for a technical group. An easy maintenance reminder that is already being developed on a single platform and now evolves, integrates communication with the dealership network, and in addition to supporting other vehicle information, full range of new services and usage experiences on board, and accelerating car sharing tools and services. Giving.

Hartung's ultimate goal is to build a fleet of vehicles that act as "mobile internet hub of things", including the new family of electric IDs, which appear in the form of mixed prototypes in the last car salons. .

Wireless Car

VW's share of Wireless Care is 75.1%, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019 and is approved by the Antitrust authorities. Registered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company was founded in 1999 and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Volvo since 2007.

Wireless has around 370 IT experts around the world and is known as a leading expert in vehicle connectivity, owns proprietary technology platforms and is also a developer of digital services, which includes automated and remote toll collection processes, disadvantages of accidents, or rescue operations. Worldwide, 3.5 million vehicles from different car makers are connected by this platform.

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The German brand plan is to facilitate the "communication" of the car through the Internet Image: Advertising

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