Thursday , January 21 2021

With the shaky place, seisma 2018 MEC | Partial cut notes before the deadline determined by the Career Guidelines

The Unified Selection System (SISA) has opened applications for candidates seeking participation in public universities participating in Tuesday (22). Contrary to predictions, from morning to morning, the page already shows partial cut notes of each course. The site also found difficulties and the students criticized the errors with the memes on Twitter.

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The Ministry of Education (MEC) said that due to large number of access, "it slowed down" and that site was in "generalization". Regarding the foreclosure announcement of the court records, the agency said it is investigating what has happened.

In the social networks, students commented on stimulating court notices, which should be released only once daily on Wednesday (23) every day, according to the rules proposed by MEEC.

Until that time, based on the performance of the candidates enrolled in the National High School Examination (ANIMA), the minimum required level will be calculated for the system approval.

How does cut notes work?

After 24 hours of registration, the seizure is released once a day, partial corrosion note for each model and of course. It is a reference to help the student register in an alternative, in which they actually have the opportunity to pass.

It is considered as follows: assuming X has 30 widely competitive places in physical education. On the first day 60 applicants apply for this option. Of them, those who have the top 30 grades of anem will be approved. It is: cut notes will be the 30th highest. Example: 642 points.

If, on the next day, well-performing students, this level will increase. Therefore, it is important to stay awake and to opt out of options where there is a real opportunity for approval. If the candidate's grades are 450, he will rarely be selected with a minimum score of 642. It is worthwhile in search of other options.

It is good to repeat: the cutting note is just a reference. Even after the last publication on Friday, other participants can sign up by the end of the day – which changes to the minimum grade. As a result, it is possible to know whether it was actually approved after the results were published on Monday (28).

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