Wednesday , January 27 2021

200 at a party with a Halvajian family for Christmas

Rumen Yuginski, Vasil Vasilev-Zuka, Maria Ignatova, Dimitre Rachkov, Judy Halvadian, Nano Balabanov and Anne Halvedisian (from left to right), their first megaordic halvadjain – introduces a picture of their Christmas party. Picture: Personal Archive

Stars of "Drops" and "Lords of the Air" at midnight made toast for Magditch's grandson

Christmas Party and 4-year-old Eddie's birthday – So the Megadric and Judy Hallwadi brothers gathered two important festivals for them on Monday night (December 17).

More than 200 people – gathered from their TV shows, teams and stars of many friends to celebrate the coming New Year. They choose Monday after checking who is busy with photos and when they check. They just fail to fit the "Air of Lords" graphics against the camera every day of the week.

Megodic halvadian, otherwise known to his long speeches before the team, is very short for the first time. Then he gave the floor of the former CEO of BT Tea Svetlana Vasilva, who has been the executive director of the global group over the years, which is an economic group of the Halvajian brothers.

Party is completely ambiguous. Otherwise, they had to make a program again by the people, who had gathered and did not work to be happy, losing the loss of one company, Ani Halwadia laughed. The only organization actually comes from the Alexandra Annea Belle, which stimulates guests in the dance competition.

Midnight, Christmas Party passes on a birthday, while everyone purchases glasses for everyone, Eddie, Magdritt's grandson and Kreemann Halvadian. He is the son of his son Bedos – the main TV operator, and Alexandra, who operates the ballet. On December 18, Little Edy became the 4th year.

At the moment, brothers Megadric ("X Factor", "Two Tips of Water") and Judy Helvadian ("Air of Lords"), whose contract with Nova TV ends in early 2018 – every year, for next year.

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