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A new law is: You are buying a car from a different city without changing the number, if it turns out the air throats, it stops up


If the vehicle overrides the pollution standards, it continues on the loading line until the environmental requirements are met, the draft law on road vehicles

You buy a car from Pernik and live in Sofia. According to current law, you must change the number of sophia numbers. This liability is no longer applicable under the new draft Road Traffic Act. The registration number is given in the first register of Bulgaria, which is in the permanent address of the owner. Then you can buy a car from Turnov, but from Plovdiv, but if you want to use it with VT it has the right to continue driving. This was explained to Director of the Automobile Administration, Boiko Roosvsky, executive agency.

There was an idea that the two letters in numbers were quite random.

Nevertheless, she was It was abandoned That's it The BDS has been changed Numbers

"All the numbers in Bulgaria will have to be replaced, and they will rise," says Ronovsky.

The road traffic law has been written several times in the name "24 Hour". The Road Traffic Act is a domestic road traffic law and driver act. The last two transport ministry. Driver's Laws have been completed. Road fences were hired and the final decision was taken. The Draft Road Traffic Act is not finalized as the new state agency of the Road Safety Act requires entry into the records.

Innovative Road vehicles Funds Points for Identification Cars

When you register an imported car in Bulgaria, the car will drive the car first. It has been done by the traffic police. The aim is to move towards private hands.

Identification points are for the technological review, but there are more requirements for the implementation of this activity.

Currently there is a facet of Traffic Police in Sofia. In the country 32. Capital can register 10 such points and decide where to place their cars. Requirements for compulsory numbers will be discontinued. People can take their own.

Police Traffic Police to continue in police custody To check If the car Searching Skunk is also Interpol Systems.

The home ministry issued a registration certificate for the car. The head of the automobile administrator said that this is the only document and the ability to trace the traffic police.

There was an idea that cars should go all the way to transportation. The traffic police's role continues as the limited access of the police system is limited.

Passer cars will pass through the identification points without a technical passport or subject to structural changes.

Station Owners – Motor Vehicle and Psycho Laboratories, Can not Your wish end up Its activity, When the procedure is started to revoke or delete their approval. Now, a single checkpoint allows you to discontinue the terms. The next day, the owner will open a new company, download a new permit, and continue his business on the new business.

Another change in the technological review is that minimum, maximum exemption emission norms will be set up. If the vehicle carried out by a technical inspection exceeded the set standards, the system would not, not the point, would not allow a passing document. So the car stays on the blocks until the environmental needs are met.

The law first entered the workshops and it is required to be recorded in a register. When a car is repaired, the parts are used to describe what to do.

Data is going to the Registry of Automatic Administration, and to the Technical Passport of the Vehicle.

This is sure Discovery As Repairs are so Thou shalt not take the field of the field, They are used In the car.

Stores that sell stores are a government. The Ministry of Environment has authorized the site for domestic sites. Seconds are now out of control, even if a car is stolen or broken, and parts of it may be sold without any problem.

The Registration Commission of real estate relays will be issued by the new draft law. And their owners shall sell them in the place where they are forbidden. When the buyer is a workshop, when entering the second part of a car, it will appear in the Automobile administration registry and in the car's technical passport.

This is a way To control Theft Cars, The former Traffic Police chief, Roosovsky says.

The automobile administration's technical registry includes the identification of the vehicle, the maintenance of data, and what changes the technological features. If the damage is done, the information from the insurers will also come.

"People will find out how to access the technical passport, so if they decide to buy it, they can check what happened to the car," says the director of automobile administration.

A new vehicle authorization restriction will come into effect from 2020. In the new law, you need to be informed in advance. The coming cars are bringing in a great deal of control. They need not only the documents but also the manufacturer – burns, fuel consumption, and more. This is done by the Volkswagen diesel emission scam.

According to Deputy Head of Automobile Administration Damian Volynsky, "We will provide information about the mileage in the Pilot Project of Bulgaria from 2019. The state wants to be among the countries that want to check how information is transferred.

The system is ready and all countries have it, and the information given in Bulgaria is about to be delivered, and what should be a German-owned mileage data, they have changed for years and scored the gear.

Less questions in response to the flyer test drivers of video clips

Some questions can be found in Flips, but instead they will be put into book examination to test the tests for videos to be taken for risk.

This ensures the understanding and conduct of the applicant through interactive video.

In the theoretical video-response test, the vigilance, response time, decision making, and the driver license examine the effect of the physiological and psychological state of the applicant.

"To deal with these videos of these tests, be determined whether the candidate netiyetuttittuntea. We'll have to respond to the issue and release a clip to prevent an accident. It will be according to the law, it is true, it is not – it is the road when the accident possibility," Boy, Director of Automotive Administration Raneavski not clever to say.

The Draft Law also introduced the necessary examinations at the training ground (the lamp known as the "Big Bench"). Driving outside the village will also be tested. There is no highway record because there is no autobash there.

The driving directions will be in practical exams. Automatic management of them will be approved. Before starting the drive with a driver drive, a system is presented through a way. The aim is to know the advance of the test exam.

Learning central mode is no longer recognized but registration mode. Car leisure is more restless, but on-site testing will not be avoided – at the training center, like a trained kid. /

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