Sunday , May 16 2021

Amazon – You do not need to buy 3 items from Blitz

In recent years online commerce has increased. Especially in the US In, where retail chains also go bankrupt, because people prefer to buy with a mouse click.

The leading Amazon in online shopping, which influences its executive director, Jeff Bezos, bank accounts of the world's richest person. CNBC According to experts interviewed, there are some things that can not be purchased from the site. For example:

Competitors' smart devices

For example, Amazon offers the best prices while talking about the company's own hardware, such as eco-dot. But at the same time, this does not apply when we talk about a Google or Apple device.

Amazon sells many Google devices, but they are usually more expensive, Louis Ramirez has told from the portal.

According to him, if you want the Google Home Mini or any other smart device on Google, it is better to search for another merchant.

Makeup and Cosmetics

Although Amazon sells cosmetic products, the portal can not boast a great variety. If you still want to try, you have the opportunity to end a low-quality product, retailmen promotes good skirbball.

She says, "I see many products that are on the other side." Scarbonne added that "when you buy certain Amazon beauty products, the situation becomes a bit complicated."

Tools for specific hobbies

Stores selling goods designed for some activities, such as photography, fishing, etc. often offer consumer deals from Amazon. The reason for this is simple – specialty stores can offer goods that are not large, while Amazon rely on a large market.


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