Saturday , June 19 2021

Andrey crosses with Maria Dobreva: she is hard and thick, her hair … – Blister

At the end of VIP Brothers, Mrs. Dorreva, near the home in Vania Costaova, criticized folk singer André. Kubrau Pulau's boyfriend shouted with the ugly epics that Benes' leader Tony Starr stole.

Myra Dobreva's response was too late. In her interview, the reggae mocked his unhealthy subject – the overly hot kilograms are fighting in recent years.

"Hm, Andrea … I do not know, it's no brains, no trains, like her hair and maybe like silicon," Droreva said, quoting Warran.

The VIP broker's roommate revealed what it would cost in his payments. Because her family has big credit, Meera will pay her some debts in the bank. In addition to the traveling overseas, a portion of the amounts will be used.

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