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: Antibiotics make you allergic: ::


Antibiotics are frequently drunk and if they are prolonged, they are adversely affected by severe allergies. This applies to a special preparation and a group of people. Most commonly called. Cross Allergy – Regarding Antibiotics from Many Relative Groups.

Sometimes it is very intense and if it does not help correctly, then a shock and dying. This was warned by Micro Biologists for World Awareness Week in the Responsible Application of Antibiotics.

"Doctors say antibiotics are not functioning antibiotics, not viruses, so they do not record themselves, doctors say they do not have a bacterial infection and do not destroy the virus," said Professor of National Consultant of National Consultancy and Infrastructure and Parasitic Disease National Center of Microbiology. Todor Kantardjev said.

With the safety of hundreds of securities, the long course of antibiotics are not only parasitic, but also destroys useful colonies of saprophytems – they need intestine, skin and mucous membranes. A typical animal can be found in a dangerous animal life. Disbacteriosis helps the event of fungal syndets. Therefore, when someone has to face a gentle nature in the legs and nails, the skin of the face can cause drying and blowing, which may be an excess of antibiotics. As a result of this strong preparations, the destruction of intestinal bioconcts guarantees digestive problems. For this reason, they are combined with probiotics or yogurt, which is sure to be in lactose bacillus bulgarias or kefir.

Preparations from other antibiotics groups are damaged by the kidney cells. They are adversely affected by the nervous system, reduced to hearing and blood clot. But the last one, the antibiotics will hinder the development of bones and joints. Pregnant women, children, and many other cells have medications.

Antibiotics are more frequent, and now we will get sick and the microblogists are united together. Patients are requested by the doctor of the patient for antibiotics before giving powerful drugs. This prevents the patient from tampering with a drug. If you do not help him, you can replace another item and thus lead to overweight.

The use of these drugs is more resistant. From this perspective, they are dangerous because they can not destroy the bacterial infection.

According to the WHO, 33,000 die every year in Europe due to antibiotic resistance. Because, the use of these drugs is often resistant to microorganisms. At the global level, their number is 700,000, and by 2050 this problem is expected to take over millions of employees. The hemorrhagic diseases say that antibiotics should not be used at any cost of cold cold.

"In hospitals, patients are prescribed antibiotics to avoid the in-hospital infection and 60 per cent hospital is the treatment of patients from the beginning to clinical trials." This was announced by Professor Todor Condervive. Its words indicate that it really recognizes the wrong use. Doctors rarely produce antibiotic labels, "he said. The amount of drug needed was calculated. These are only the only drugs that cause serious environmental consequences.

How can they be safely taken?

Prior to initiation of prescription-only antibiotics, there will be abundant activity on large quantities of microorganisms. Usually, its price is high. These products can underestimate the bacterial infection organs and systems in the blood. Children and adults will have low poison and low side effects.

For effective treatment, drink capsules with more liquids, but with their new orange or grapefruit, because the reason to reduce their fruit. To limit the amount of calories your calorie intake is important to combat the credit agent in its processing energy. Eat curd 30-40 minutes before drinking or drink a cup of caffeine. You can take a probiotic. This way you will save the microorganisms beneficial microorganisms in the stomach. Adding to incoming schedules is good. If you want to take other medications, you should specify the spaces and intervals between treatments with your doctor. Forget alcohol during treatment. This can also lead to the effect of the drug or side effects. If you develop an allergic reaction during treatment with antibiotics or other medicines, the doctor says you review the treatment you receive.

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