Tuesday , August 16 2022

Beeron + Video viewer offers a unique technique called "breathing"


Fans are one of the most important factors motivating football players. Often, the 12th player of the team is considered to be creating a favorable atmosphere. The role of supporters through innovative technology is viewed from the other angle, Dnevnik reports. This is the result of a collaboration between Simone and German Champion Bayern (Munich).

From this season, the Ionic cameras capture sound data from the atmosphere of the Alansans Arena Stadium. The information from the sound has become a 3D model based on digital, which is "inspiring the story of the fans" and check how their emotions reveal the pitch players.

"There has always been a discussion about the understanding that the 12th player and the fans are part of the football match, so we can determine what is happening to 75,000 allies and what's happening in the pin," said Mat Phaea, a signal nose data collecting company. In technology, technology is in use, and this happened in Hoffhine and in Bosnia (in Montsglobal).

When we think about football, we can only tell you the story of the final result, but we decided that it would be enough to tell the data. "Fans are energetic and they respond to every important moment of the game," said Simon Pistol, Simon Communication Director.

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