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Big match at the boxing show of the year and controversial referee decision

Dionysis Wilder and Tyson Fury have done the most exciting heavyweight battles in recent years, which ended with a draw. So American Wilder has retained its title in the WBC version, but it will be revenge.

The first reactions of experts were such that such matches were not found by Lennox Louis-Vital Klitschko, and it was many years ago.

The referee's decision at the end of a spectacular battle in Los Angeles was surprising, because the war was full of crucial moments, in which 9th and 12th rounds included two knockdowns with Fury. But the British were serious about the point and seemed to be close to victory even though the two fell on the floor.

The crazy Jeepsi King entered with his compulsive style under the skin of his opponent, often playing in the rings without a guard and dance. However, when he met Steven Hammer of Bronze Bomber, he miraculously stood in the final round.

The big game is worthy of ending with the winner, no problem with it. The rivals showed mutual respect and friendship after the gang and began to make a decisive decision.

Fury's trick worked, and even more – he adjusted the pace and was a more active boxer. But both are considered to be the winners.

Two faces on the box were shown in this match. Positive – A succession of judicial interests with this decisive decision – unreliable shows and both negative

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The United States 41st President George Bush-Senior, who died a day earlier, died shortly before the celebration of Britain and USA hymns.

Interesting detail is that Fury had cut his big moth before the match. The Bidwadi Staples Center was given two out of the boxer and the electric current was given.

In the first round, Wilder scored the first aggressive attack on his more common circus display, and Fury Beat to annoy his opponent. They both played without a guard for long and did not participate in most of the hits in the opening round.

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Fury size was a good way to avoid the opponent's strong strikes. After an unsuccessful attempt by the American, Fury raised his hands enthusiastically to annoy them. Many times he put his back behind his back.

In the first round the English relies on its left hand, and Wilder is looking for Crochett. In the fourth round, Fury's nose takes the strongest kick from the start of the match.

Wilder had a slight nerve, because his opponent retained the pace in the first six rounds. Americans are not accustomed to making such a blow. In the seventh round, she started off with the worst attack from the start of the match, but she did not achieve the desired breakthrough.

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Fury definitely went round and Wilder needed a knockout and in the 9th round he threw his opponent right-left-right-wing. Knockdown! Fury arose and continued to annoy its opponent. But this was the best round for American.

In the tenth round, Fury had already been reborn. She was flying through the ring and kept it on the setting. Wilder finally tried to attack, but the British man was very fast again. In contrast, American suffered a heavy burden of two. His left eye was almost closed.

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In the 12th round, Wilder put a new hammer on Fury's head on his left hand and closed it again. The English got up. Someone, including American, does not expect this. But Fury had to survive till the end. He was successful in doing this and after 30 seconds he made a strong right and left in the Wilder's head.

The judges decided: 115-111 for Wilder, 114-110 and 113-113 for Fury, and the third card to fix remix is ​​English Arbiter Phil Edwards! The Island did not have the courage to give it titles in the boxer's WBC version.

"We are two great fighters, but it fell twice and I think I have to win," Wilder said.

"I went to Germany to fight the clitches, I came to America to fight with Wilder, I'm a real champion." Yes, I fell twice, but I won the game! And here's another great heavyweight boxer! ", Fury said, emotionally and crazyBecause it was in the war. Then he thanked Donati for the possibility of a title match.

They remain unchanged (for Wilder 40-0-1, 27-0-1 for Fury).

Against the "normal enemy" and an impossible heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, "conventional strikes" against the camera, called "inquirer" by Fury.

Insufficient End of Big Boxing Match

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